Saturday 18 December 2010

Liar John Hemming MP picketed despite the snow

Despite heavy snow protestors gathered at Lib Dem MP John Hemming’s surgery on Saturday. We were there to highlight the hypocrisy of signing a pledge not to increase student fees, only to vote them through.

Millionaire MP John Hemmingway had told the local press that he had ‘no regrets, no apologies’ and that students would thank them in the future.

Hemmingway was hiding away upstairs in his office, which was locked and guarded by police.



  1. Tim Haines said:

    Can’t even get John Hemming’s name right, let alone the rest of the facts. Eight people? Hardly popular support. So where DO you think the money is coming from to get us out of the mess that Labour got us into?

    23 December 2010 at 12:44pm
  2. eric smith said:

    It’s the greedy bankers that got us into this mess, labour didn’t cause the problems in America did they? It’s a global crisis that can be solved by taxing the massive profits & bonuses the greedy bankers reward themselves with.

    2 January 2011 at 8:17pm

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