Friday 24 February 2012

Boss of workfare fraudsters A4e given the boot – now Grayling must go!

Grayling Must Go!

Kick out the Tory slave dealers!
Grayling Must GO!

The government have given the boss of work programme fraudsters A4e, Emma Harrison, the boot. She will no longer act as an adviser to David Cameron after the magnificent resistance that has been shown to workfare, because they know they are defending the indefensible; modern day slavery.

Defending against criticism that the schemes are slave labour and subsidise greedy bosses profits Chris Grayling said, “The allegations about this scheme are absurd”. Yet when pitching the Work Programme to bosses in November he said, “Recruitment is a grind. Money spent on advertising…Wouldn’t you prefer a service that did that for you for free?” Minutes from a December DWP meeting attended by fraudsters A4e show:

A working group will be set up with providers and employers to work through the detail and implications of the wage subsidy.

The Employment Minister is a liar and a cheat who is no stranger to fiddling the books himself. He continued to claim thousands of pounds of public money for work done to renovate a property for up to a year after the work had been completed. The house was also bought with public money – despite being just 17miles from Grayling’s constituency residence.

Harrison’s A4e has been handed more than £200m of workfare contracts by the Tories and she helped herself to £8.6m of it last year alone. Presumably Chris Grayling and Ian Duncan-Smith considered this a fair rate of pay for Emma’s hard work cooking the books while forcing people to work in the companies office for free. This money could have provided paid training & employment for tens of thousands, instead they have been forced into working for private businesses who are making millions of pounds in profit on the back of their free labour.

We are glad that Emma Harrison is no longer an adviser to the Prime Minister and we hope she will no longer be “in and out of Number 10″, as she has previously described her relationship with the government. However we will not be satisfied with a cheap attempt to scapegoat one dodgy boss while the government continues to press ahead with it’s programme of turning millions of unemployed people into slaves for big business, selling off our NHS and destroying the jobs and services which we all need. The government must end it’s dealings with A4e and other workfare ‘providers’, scrap it’s unpaid labour schemes and start directly investing in training and jobs for the 2.68million unemployed.

The backing down of Tesco and those who have followed in jumping clear from the government’s sinking ship shows the power of protest. This is a battle we must win – join the protests, refuse to work for free and support the strike on March 28 – Together we can kick out the Tories before they kick us into the gutter – Grayling must go!

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  1. Noel Keighley said:

    I have never been a supporter of the SWP, and would not class myself as a revolutionary, but well done to you for your magnificent campaign to stop this oppression of young people!

    24 February 2012 at 2:06pm
  2. Dawn Hayhoe said:

    i totally agree. as an ex employee of A4e i think that this is the best thing that could happen. welfare to work has lost its way and the only way to help the people of this country is to give it back to the job centres and let them sub contract the correct people to help their clients! these welfare to work companies are in it for their profit margins nothing else…

    24 February 2012 at 2:20pm
  3. Amanda Ford said:

    I had the misfortune to be on a forced labour scheme in 1997, presided over by this company: A4E, or Action for Employment, as it was then called. I found the staff to be unprofessional, ignorant, incompetent and wholly unsympathetic to the plight of the unemployed. They might as well have been moving inanimate objects around for all the concern they had for the situation of the people they were supposed to be helping. They were, simply, there to help the Government, doctor the unemployment figures and promote the eroneous idea that something was being done to address the problem of unemployment. I will take immense delight to see the company disappear for ever.

    24 February 2012 at 10:38pm
  4. lee bryant said:

    How many politicians do you know that would work for £1.50 per hour.How beneficial to anyone can stacking a shelf’s for a multi million pound company like tesco be?
    The unemployed are like the ancient Egyptian’s building the pyramids now renamed tesco.
    I have been to 3 of these so called welfare to work company’s over the course of three years and i have never secured a single job.
    the excuse they use is your working for your dole money .well your benefit will be stopped if you cant prove your seriously looking for decent work anyway . Dont give in to these parasite vultures who have no intention of putting your interests first its all complete bull Their is no real work out there and you are being used as a scape goat to prop up this goverments mis management of public money .
    If we can afford three incredibly expensive wars in the middle east that have never posed a threat to this country and prop up failing banks that continue to pay themselves huge obscene bonuses from the public purse Then why cant we afford decent training for decent meaningful jobs not Dead end shelf stacking mind numbing tedium.
    Bring on the revolution. We spent years building up worker’s rights through unions to create a fair working environment with fair wages for a hard days work to be treated with respect and dignity all for the con-dems to wipe out the hard work millions of people have built up over the years.Middle england is a brainwashed disease.

    25 February 2012 at 12:20am
  5. sadasdas said:

    25 February 2012 at 2:44pm
  6. asdf said:

    25 February 2012 at 4:07pm
  7. Sue said:

    Its obscene how much money this Woman has made on the backs of the unemployed. Our good unions now do not have the bite since the Thacher years. But my heatfelt thanks to Right to Work. for standing up to the oppressors.

    25 February 2012 at 9:31pm
  8. Tami Jones said:

    I just don’t understand the principle of workfare. Instead of making somebody work for free when they’re unemployed, why not just give them a job? Anyway, I suggest anybody on it engage in passive resistance as well as active resistance. Do as little as possible, and do it incompetently (without hurting anybody). Give them real “value” for money!

    27 February 2012 at 1:06am

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