Friday 15 June 2012

Bus workers to shut down London

Thousands of London bus workers, members of Unite, are to strike on Friday 22 June.

They are following the advice of union General Secretary Len Mccluskey who called for strikes and civil disobedience by workers over the Olympics to win justice.

Following a 94 percent vote for action the workers will strike to win a £500 Olympic bonus.

Workers across London’s transport system have won substantial bonuses including, £500 on Network Rail, £900 for workers on the DLR.

Only this week a bonus deal was struck on the Heathrow Express.

But the 20,000 plus workforce on London’s buses has been ignored with the operators, Transport for London (TfL) and mayor Boris Johnson refusing to talk to the union.

Bus workers will face the stress of dealing with 800000 extra passengers during the Olympics without any recognition while TfL bosses will receive £80000 bonuses!

The money is clearly their to pay busworkers as TfL has £162 million in it’s ‘general fund’ while the bonus would cost only £14 million.

Picket lines will be up from 3am. We urge all trade unionists and anti cuts campaigners to get to their local garage and show their support on Friday.

Justice for bus workers!

click here for the UNITE ballot results

Keep up to speed with the bus workers struggle at the busworker blog


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  1. Jack Powell said:

    This page is entitled “right to work” but what about all those people who will not be able to get to work on the 22nd of June because there will not be any buses running? They will be losing wages for that day! What about OUR right to work?

    21 June 2012 at 9:37am

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