Wednesday 27 June 2012

Cardboard City – Never Again: Protest Tory homelessness plans


A rough sleeper in London

Photo: Luke Robinson

After the Jubilee workfare scandal, in which Tory peer Baroness Stedman-Scott was implicated in busing young unemployed people half way across the country to sleep under a bridge, it seems the Tories want to see even more people forced to take up residence in the streets.

Plans to steal housing benefit from all under 25s will leave thousands, already locked out of work and reliant on food banks to eat, finding it impossible to keep a roof above their heads.

With his fortune worth millions of pounds, inherited from his tax-dodging family, David Cameron seems to believe that ‘mummy and daddy’ will provide. Those he is robbing to pay for George Osborne’s latest banker’s bailout know reality is somewhat different.

For those in the care system, or with parents already struggling to keep their own home there is no ‘big society’ safety net.

Without housing benefit those in abusive homes will face a stark choice between suffering in silence or living on the streets – a course of action fraught with its own dangers.

This disgusting attack on benefits that are a vital lifeline for millions shows the Tory government at it’s nastiest, but they are also weak as their wobbles and retreats over workfare protests showed earlier this year.

The whole of the trade union and anti-cuts movement needs to unite in action to stop the Tories in their tracks. We must raise the old slogan ‘an injury to one is an injury to all’ and defend the right to homes and jobs for the young people whose futures are being butchered one cut at a time.

Join the demonstration called by Right to Work:

Cardboard City – Never Again
Wednesday 4 July
Assemble 11am – Opposite Downing Street, City of Westminster, London SW1A

Bring sleeping bags, cardboard boxes and your best slogans.

Use our Facebook event to invite your friends and workmates.



  1. tim holtom said:

    cameron is scum

    1 July 2012 at 4:53pm
  2. Lizzie Spring said:

    We could have a mass cardboard sleep out in the big parks in all our cities, perhaps on the offical first day of winter as this would give time to prepare and develop it.
    I think that Cameron is a sickening fool with no grasp on normal reality, but also think our media emphasis should be on highlighting the experience of homelessness, not mixing in rhetoric attacking the tories. These messages need to be expressed seperately. I have been homeless as a girl; it makes you invisible so quickly. For people who have not been on that edge, it is hard to understand the terror, loneliness and helplessness that being without any home creates,and it is important that people can hear that message and feel compelled to act on it. Lizzie

    3 July 2012 at 6:13am
  3. wendybaker said:

    My heart goes out to all of the young people suffering due to benefit sanctions and withdrawals, I was happy to take my son back home when his marriage fell apart, he is thirty now. Even the under 35′s at present receive reduced housing benefit, that’s if there is any housing available to put them into in the first place. I myself am now being forced due to underoccupancy rules to move from the home I have lived in for 29years and would no longer be able to take my son in if moved to a single bedroom dwelling should his current relationship fail, which could well happen given the pressures young and I might add older people are under. So far I have had my pension deferred until 2020, have been systematically having my benefits sanctioned since 2002 because I refuse to have anything to do with welfare to work programmes, now I am being forced to move or pay £25pw for the 2 extra bedrooms one of which I use to have my grandchildren to stay at weekends.

    11 July 2012 at 1:34pm

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