Thursday 21 June 2012

Judge outlaws 3 bus strikes but 17 go ahead on Friday

After a day of talks and legal challenges London bus operators have won an injunction against Unite ahead of Friday’s capital wide strike for the London bonus.

Metroline, London General and Arriva have all got backing from an unelected judge to overturn a 94 percent strike vote.

The strike goes on at 17 other companies.

Let’s hope the spirit of the recent unofficial electricians action lives on at those companies hit by the injunction.

It’s crucial that Unite doesn’t allow legal action to cripple the fight.

Just about every other London transport worker has won major bonuses. But until today Boris Johnson, Transport for London and the bus operators had refused to talk.

Johnson even came up with £8 million towards a deal but the bus operators still refused to shift!

In the end the only way to stop these anti-union laws is to challenge and break them.

Every trade unionist should get behind the London bus workers fight.


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