Tuesday 19 June 2012

Over 100 at Save Coryton public meeting

The solidarity meeting at Basildon on Monday was well attended with about 120 people there to support Coryton refinery workers. 


The National Shop Stewards Network and Right to Work shared a platform with Linda McCulloch, Unite National Officer, Russ Ball, Unite Stand Down officer, Steve Hedley RMT Regional Organiser, a former Visteon worker and local Labour councillor.


It was announced today that the Company intend to proceed with 180 redundancies next week.


Many workers, their family and friends were in the audience and participated in a debate about what type of action could save the refinery and the implications for other refineries if the closure proceeds.


The meeting agreed to support a demonstration on Tuesday 19th June at the Department of Energy and Climate Change at Whitehall.


As the Company moves to quickly implement a redundancy program, reps and officers agreed that a strategy of action will be rolled out following the demonstration tomorrow.


The meeting was nearly blighted with a couple of BNP members turning up half way through. Once they were identified, comrades explained to the meeting why they had no place in the campaign, with a background of their record and what they really stand for. The meeting demanded a vote to exclude the BNP and they were removed from the meeting.


A real spirit of determination and unity was apparent in a campaign that is bringing together the workers, their families, the union and wider labour movement.


Russ Ball will be speaking on behalf of the Coryton campaign at the Unite the Resistance conference on Saturday 23rd June




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