Friday 20 July 2012

Unemployment figures mask misery as long-term joblessness continues to climb

Photo: Paul Farmer


The Tory government is once more trying to convince us that a fall in the headline unemployment figure means there is no jobs crisis.

The fall was just 65,000 from 2.91m to 2.85m, mostly consisting of temporary Olympics jobs in London. Meanwhile the numbers claiming Jobseeker’s allowance rose by 6,000 showing that more people are being forced to rely on the welfare state due to a lack of real jobs.

Long term unemployment also continued to rise, some 441,000 people have now been trapped in unemployment for over 2-years.

Tory Ministers however were happy to pick and choose their statistics to give a false impression of recovery in the economy. Chris Grayling and Iain Duncan Smith are crowing about a drop of just 10,000 in the number of young people aged 16-24 out of work. They ignore that over a million are still without work.

Ridiculously their claims come in the same week that David Cameron has promised a decade of austerity cuts – that means a decade of workers thrown on the unemployment scrapheap to pay for even more bailouts for the crooked bankers and bosses.

Despite the growing investigation into fraudulent rate fixing by major banks the Bank of England has just decided to hand them even more free cash–increasing quantitative easing to a total of £375bn.

Astonishingly this sum if invested directly by government instead of being handed to the bankers could build 1250 hospitals or employ all 2.85m unemployed people to do 30hrs a week at minimum wage for 14 years.

This vicious Tory government would rather throw even more on the scrapheap by closing Remploy factories and Coryton refinery, slashing public sector jobs and pushing ahead with their failed workfare slave labour schemes. More than ever we need to fight for every job.


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  1. John Hargrave said:

    The Tories have always massaged the figures, Maggie Thatcher did the same thing, putting people on IB so the jobless figures looked better, today’s lot just tell lies.

    21 July 2012 at 2:55pm

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