Wednesday 22 August 2012

Atos Games Already Causing A Stir With 5 Days To Go

Dave Plummer, local PCS official at Euston Tower, reports that the momentum around the Atos Games is starting to unsettle at least one section of the establishment. He reports on a email sent from Regents Place estate management to all staff at his office and presumably to each workplace in Triton Square, where Atos HQ is based.

As Dave takes up the story:

“It was an unsettling email. Apparently Regent’s Place Management have uncovered a plot by a clandestine group, known only as Disabled People Against Cuts, to ‘demonstrate during the week of 27th to 31st August’. How do we know they’re a clandestine group?

“Our information indicates that their focus will be towards the end of the week,”

Their information indicates? Clearly this is from a deep cover source who’s very life is in danger for smuggling out this information. But that’s not all. It turns out that there is another group involved:

“current intelligence suggesting that UK Uncut will be involved on Friday 31 August.”


As Mr. Plummer points out on the union’s blog, such “intelligence” is freely available on the websites of DPAC and UK Uncut and both organisations have been publicising the Atos Games widely in the last month.

“We have met with the Metropolitan Police and are in regular communication to ascertain further information and updates regarding these demonstrations.”

We are sure that the super-sleuths at Regent’s Place will be following the publicity about the Atos Games as closely as the many anti-cuts activists will be.

Or maybe Regent’s Place would just prefer that DPAC and UK Uncut take a more direct approach as they tell us on their website that they work in partnership with:

“occupiers and residents to deliver the highest level of management support through their attention to detail and co-ordinated approach.”

There is no need for anyone to be clandestine about their hatred for this Government and one of its pet contractors Atos.

The company has been exposed for carrying flawed fit-for-work tests that have unjustly stolen benefit entitlements from disabled people.

The stress involved alone has worsened the conditions that prevent many from being able to work and more than a 1,000 people have died from their illnesses after being found “fit-for-work”.

Last week the National Audit Office criticised the Department Of Work and Pensions for failing to set Atos sufficiently challenging targets and for failing to penalise under-performance.

This will create more pressure on the Work Capability Assessments carried out by Atos and approved by the ConDem government.

Tom Greatrex, the Labour MP for Rutherglen and Hamilton explained why he asked the NAO to review the contract:

“My underlying concern was the fact that the contract is worth £112 million a year to Atos, at the same time, through the Tribunals Service, the appeals are costing about £60 million a year so effectively we are paying twice to try to correct the mistakes in the initial assessments or the process that leads to the assessments and decisions. That isn’t good value for money and this is a contract that really needs a lot more scrutiny to understand how effective it’s been.”

We can all heap more pressure on Atos by mobilising the biggest possible protests across the country as part of the Atos Games week of action co-inciding with the start of the Paralympic Games, for which Atos is a sponsor.

More protests called around the UK – see DPAC for details of local Atos Games in Cardiff, Plymouth, Manchester,Birmingham, Sheffield,Bournemouth, Northampton, Liverpool, Swansea, London, Lancaster, Southampton and Edinburgh

Send a message for Atos bosses to

The Atos Games schedule taking place from Monday 27th – Friday 31st August.







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  1. Norman Adams said:

    NORHAMPTON DPAC today held a stall in Abington Street (Northampton)

    Included in the many that put they name to the partition was deaf and blind medal-winning paralympic swimmer Janice Tillett, from Crofters Close, East Hunsbury,Northampton, who represented Great Britain in the pool at the Barcelona Paralympics in 1992, winning two relay silver medals. She also won four European Campionships golds for her country

    Janice as been recorded in the local press:

    We hope that Janice will join us at Atos on the 28 Aug

    25 August 2012 at 7:50pm

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