Thursday 16 August 2012

Protestors commit to sustained action against ‘Prisonfare’.

The campaign against ‘Prisonfare’ stepped up a gear yesterday as protestors pledged to continue action against Becoming Green, a firm in Cardiff bussing in prisoners to work for as little as 40p an hour.

Campaigners fear that the company could be a test case for a proposed government programme that could see entire call centres moved into prisons, resulting in huge job losses.

More than 30 people gathered outside Eastgate House, Cardiff where Becoming Green is based to demand that the firm withdraws immediately from the scheme.


Following the success of the open letter against ‘Prisonfare’ the demonstration attracted local trade unionists and residents and two newly elected local Councillors.  Local Councillor for Roath and Plasnewydd Daniel De’Ath spoke to the protests and congratulated campaigners on their action so far calling the scheme ‘appalling’.

Seb Cooke, of Right to Work South Wales, said:

Not only is prisonfare about massive exploitation, it’s also about driving down wages and taking away workers security. If workers lose their jobs as a result of prisoners being used, it pressurises people to accept less pay in order to keep their jobs’

Say No to Prisonfare! Real Jobs Now!
Assemble: Wednesday, 22nd August
4.30pm , Eastgate House, Cardiff

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  1. Yvonne Lane said:

    What next. Pensioners working for their pensions?

    17 August 2012 at 1:49pm

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