Wednesday 5 September 2012

Another scrounging Tory MP replaces Chris Grayling at DWP

Tory scumbag Mark Hoban

New Tory employment minister Mark Hoban

Mark Hoban, Tory MP for Fareham, has replaced Chris Grayling as (un)employment minister in Cameron’s desperate reshuffle.

Promotions for Grayling and Maria ‘Factory Killer’ Miller show the contempt that this Tory led government has for the poorest in society as they reward their loyal attack dogs for savaging disabled and unemployed workers.

We are glad to see the back of the disgusting Grayling, infamous for his sneering yet clumsy defence of slave labour workfare schemes and killer Work Capability Assessments carried out by Atos.

However we can only expect more of the same brutality from his replacement.

No doubt Hoban will continue to scapegoat those thrown on the Tories unemployment scrapheap as ‘lazy scroungers’, a term that would be more accurately applied to the new minister.

Like his predecessor Hoban enjoys getting his mortgage  paid out of public money with second home expenses claims totalling £82,662 between 2004 and 2008. He also claimed £12,000 of our money to kit it out with furniture and gadgets, including £35 on a toilet roll holder, £100 for a chrome shower rack and £79 for four silk cushion covers.

Hoban also appears to share Grayling’s homophobia having voted heavily against LGBT rights legislation in Parliament. The former employment minister was famously caught on tape advocating that hotel owners should be allowed to turn away gay couples based on their sexuality.


Make sure you join us at the DWP to give the new (un)employment minister a ‘warm welcome’ at next Wednesdays demonstration:

Jobs Not Sanctions

Protest Called By Unite Community London

Wednesday 12th September – from 9am

Department of Work and Pensions
Caxton House
Tothill Street
London SW1H 9NA

Invite your friends on facebook.


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