Saturday 1 September 2012

Atos Shamed And DWP Occupied

More than 700 activists demonstrated outside Atos HQ calling for the Work Capability Assessments to be scrapped.

Two hundred of those protesters joined and supported a blockade and occupation of the DWP headquarters

It was the final day of a week of action against Atos.

Homemade banners paid tribute to Cecilia Burns, who died on Monday.

Cecilia had spoken out against Atos when the Government contractor had declared her ‘fit-for-work’. Despite being treated for breast cancer, Cecilia’s sickness benefits were slashed.

She described Atos’ Work Capability Assessment as a ‘joke’.

Indeed it is the sickest of jokes.

More than 1100 people have died of their illnesses after being passed ‘fit-for-work’ by a flawed test carried out by Atos.

The protests over the week have reflected the anger at Atos and the Government.

They’ve given confidence to Paralympians, who know too well the importance of the lifeline that disability benefits provide.

Team GB hid Atos logos on their lanyards and former Paralympians are encouraging current competitors to make a stand like that made by Tommie Smith and John Carlos who gave the black-fisted salute at the Mexico Olympics in 1968.

The Atos Games have brought serious pressure to bear on the Government and their pet contractors.

Disabled occupiers of the DWP demanded to speak to Ministers and Senior Management. Instead the police were called.

The police waded in with such force that one man in a wheelchair was hospitalised with a fractured shoulder and a woman was tipped from her wheelchair.

Inside the occupation, the police used the opportunity to arrest a protester in the lobby.

It is clear that the Government have no other answer to the growing anger against their vicious policies than to use their thugs in blue to use violence to intimidate protesters.

But if they think that terrorising disabled activists will weaken the protests, they have another think coming.

The movement against this rancid ConDem coalition has momentum and all roads lead to the TUC demonstration on 20th October, for which Roger Lewis, DPAC activist said we need to build to get “2 million on the streets against Cameron”.




  1. Mary callaghan said:

    I am appalled and so angry at the treatment of our disabled activists…the police and this government should be ashamed of themselves..and as for ATOS we need to rid our country of this venomous company who is out to take as much money from this false con/dem government as possible. I am an Equality Representative and a Disabled member of Unite..we have spoke about the degrading and humiliating questionaires that ATOS have been subjecting people too for a couple of years now. My own sister with MS and a disabled CAB advisor cannot do anything to stop this vile treatment of our most vunerable of society. Cameron and Clegg have made Britain a place to be ashamed of with its treatment of disabled and seriously ill people…who some have probably voted them in…what a pay back!!! to be put on Job seekers when you know you have no chance of a job…just that you are £30 a week poorer and you are no longer classed as disabled…how disgusting to let someone die feeling this way…shame on you Con/Dems.

    2 September 2012 at 12:19pm
  2. Denise Burrows Devine said:

    Please come and meet all our friends on the chronic back pain site, and see that there are people in so much pain and can’t get the help and funds to pay for a Operation that is needed for them by Mr Martin Knight in Fawkham Manor BMI Hospital because the NHS will not touch or they just leaves use in so much pain.
    But it’s alright for a woman that isn’t even from this country that flew from Nigeria to Manchester got off the plane went right to Wythenshawe Hospital said she needed a section which cost the NHS £10,000 for her to have this baby 2 days later she flew back home, we all are Disabled on the site and worked all our life’s and all were asking for is a bit of compassion to the British hard working people that can no longer work, because of back disabilities, at no fault of there own and disparately needs funds for there Operation.

    12 September 2012 at 3:05am

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