Tuesday 4 September 2012

IDS Continues To Punish The Poor

Iain Duncan Smith enjoys slashing benefits so much that he has refused the Justice Secretary post vacated by Kenneth Clarke in today’s cabinet reshuffle.

His former junior,  Chris Grayling gladly took Clarke’s place.

Today he was jeered and shouted down by protesters as he attempted to justify the DWP Work Capability Assessments carried out by Atos during a debate at Westminster.

Grayling wasn’t the only minister to get the message that he nor his policies were not welcome.

Chancellor George ‘Gideon’ Osborne was surrounded by a chorus of boos from 80,000 spectators around the Olympic Stadium as he was introduced to award the medals for the men’s T38 400m last night.

Campaigners, spectators and Paralympians have pointed out that Osborne should not have been shocked at the hostile reception he received given his Government’s assault on disabled people.

It is an onslaught that seems to be incessant.

Yesterday, Shiv Malik from the Guardian revealed that claimants of disability benefits could face sanctions of up to £71 per week should they fail to take steps to get back into work.

A group of Paralympians have also spoken out against the hypocrisy of government ministers shining in the reflected glory of disabled athletes achievements yet cutting off the very lifeline of benefits that allows them to compete at the highest level.

On Friday, the Government seemed to have no answer to those protesting against them and their pet contractors Atos, whose tests have passed 1100 people “fit-for-work” just before they died.

Other than to send in lines of police thugs to brutally attack disabled activists.

But this movement will not be intimidated.

Unemployed, disabled activists and trade unionists will unite to stop the attacks on the poor next Wednesday.


Protest called by Unite Community London

Wednesday 12th September – from 9.00am

Department of Work and Pensions

Caxton House,

6-12 Tothill Street, London SW1H 9NA

(nearest stations Westminster & St James Park)

Called by members of Unite Community in London







  1. Liz Potter said:

    Spot on! Thanks for continuing to try to wake up the people of this country to what is REALLY going on in our Great “Olympic” Britain of 2012. We are right with you at the Derbyshire Anti-Cuts Campaign and the Derby Mental Health Action Group. Where in justice becomes the law, resistance becomes our moral and necessary duty. Team Tory – we won’t stand for this persecution and destruction of our services, our Welfare system and our NHS.

    5 September 2012 at 8:49am
  2. A. Clarke said:

    Just to show how it is from a different angle: I am 57 years old and disabled due to a spinal injury in childhood and also a kidney condition. I brought up my daughter alone and have always worked, unfortunately I am now unable to do so. I failed a work capability assessment (nil points) and for the past year all I have had is £220 per MONTH Disability Living Allowance to ‘live’ on. I have now pretty much exhausted all means of help and genuinely don’t know what to do.
    It is impossible to live alone on that amount of money – I am in debt to everybody and am seriously considering ending it all. For three days last week I had absolutely nothing to eat. Yesterday I had some potatoes but today there is nothing at all and I have already sold everything I had that was worth anything.

    10 September 2012 at 2:12pm

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