Wednesday 13 February 2013

After Court Ruling – Let’s Fight To Finish Off Workfare

Yesterday”s Court of Appeal verdict has dealt a massive blow to Workfare, one of the Government’s flagship welfare reform policies.
The judgement on cases brought by Cait Reilly and Jamie Wilson mean that all but one of the Government’s workfare schemes (Mandatory Work Activity) that force unemployed people to work unpaid or lose benefits have been deemed unlawful.
It also means that  tens of thousands of unemployed people that had their benefits stripped whilst on the schemes should be due a refund.
Yet the message from the Government was that they would be pressing ahead regardless of today’s judgement.
Employment minister Mark Hoban said:
“The court has backed our right to require people to take part in programmes which will help get them into work…”
But workfare has not aided people into work.
His own department’s figures show that just over 2 out of 100 people are found jobs by the Work Programme, whereas 5 out of 100 people find work without assistance.
The real beneficiaries have been the likes of McDonalds, Poundland and Greggs that have made substantial savings on wages and notorious firms such as A4e, Serco and G4S that have delivered very little for the hundreds of millions of pounds they have received in Government contracts.
Such a blow to the Government can boost the fight against other attacks on welfare, such as cuts to council tax benefits, the bedroom tax and the end of disability living allowance amongst others.
Protests and occupations organised by Right To Work and Boycott Workfare have meant that Work and Pensions minister Iain Duncan Smith’s workfare schemes have been under pressure since the introduction of workfare.
Indeed Holland and Barrett cited anti-workfare protests as the reason they withdrew from workfare last summer.
The Campaign for Benefit Justice has called a summit event on 9 March in central London, bringing together tenants, disabled people, trade unions, the unpaid and the low paid as one national voice to end the war on the poor. To find out more  contact Benefit Justice via or
With the Government’s flagship policy in severe crisis,  the week of action organised by  Boycott Workfare across the country from 18th to 24th March will give activists an opportunity to put the final nails in workfare’s coffin.

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  1. Steven said:

    That thick moron Iain Duncan-Smith was spewing out his evil bile once again on the Sunday discussion programme with Andrew Marr and says he won’t back down on job seekers getting something for nothing in his pathetic opinion (he obviously seems to be unaware that job seekers have to look for work). So he has no intention of seeing sense on this. The only option left then is for those on workfare to hold a national demonstration in Trafalgar Square and hopefully it will end in violence like the Poll Tax riot did. After all, it was that and terrible poll ratings that finally ended that unfair tax.

    17 February 2013 at 2:46pm

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