Thursday 13 June 2013

Saturday 27 July : National Day of Action Against The Bedroom Tax

The Anti-Bedroom Tax and Benefit Justice Federation have called another national day of action for Saturday 27 July.

This follows the 1st June actions and the protests that happened in March around the country.

The fight against the bedroom tax is having an impact – yesterday Manchester’s Southway Housing failed to get a possession order to evict Ella Lorelle who was supported by local campaigners.

Last week Leeds City Council decided to reclassify more than 800 homes as a result of a partial rent strike – the council reported 1700 new arrears cases in the first month of the bedroom tax.

Non-payment rates are soaring all over the country:

Liverpool – Riverside housing – more than 50% of tenants have not paid a penny of the tax, only 25% have paid anything

Wakefield – 42% non-payment

In Glasgow the Scottish Anti-Bedroom Tax Federation estimate that around 70% are not paying the bedroom tax.

July will be an opportunity to send a message to the Government and local authorities that dare consider eviction of people too poor to afford the benefit cuts – we are not going to stand by and watch you wreck peoples lives – there will be huge resistance.

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