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Right to Work workfare protest McDonalds Oxford Street

DWP expect 5% of unemployed people to find work by themselves. A4E get £46m for helping less than 4% into work.

sanctions regime

On Monday 22nd October the government’s new sanctions regime for the unemployed will come into force. It is a brutal punishment for being unemployed that will leave many people destitute.


The Tories have announced their plans for even greater attacks on the unemployed and benefit claimants at their annual conference this week.

prisonfare demo 012

Gourmet restaurant in Cardiff prison shamelessly promote Christmas lunch at £24.95, whilst prisoners are paid just £15 for 5 day week.

IDS nosferatu

Child Poverty Action Group slam proposed benefit freeze: ” It is beyond belief that the richest get a top-rate tax cut while the poorest are being forced into deepening destitution.”

lib dem demo brighton

Meet Midday 22nd September. The Level, Union Road, Brighton
Austerity Government Must GO!

John McDonnell tells activists that the protests against Atos and the DWP were the most successful anti-privatisation actions for decades. High-profile campaign needed to defend Independent Living Fund.

Protesters Call For An End To Benefit Sanctions At DWP HQ Pic: Rhia Lawrence

Unemployment falls by 7,000 due to temporary Olympics spike and increase in part-time working. Youth and long-term unemployment still rising.

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